Friday, February 08, 2013

Holding out for Winter Storm Shaggy.

I've spent the better part of today, when I wasn't working, watching the Winter Storm Nemo updates either on the local news or on's live stream.  It's been enlightening to watch modern technology at work.

The storm predictions seem to have been pretty accurate.  Local news is comparing the blizzard that we're in the middle of to the one in 1978.  In that case, many people died and the meteorologists complete missed the prediction because their models weren't as accurate as they are today.  Quite a few people died from what I understand.

In this case, however, preparations began several days ago, and for the most part, people prepared.

I'm sitting at home now with the only real worry is that we don't lose power overnight.  We're ready for it, but it's going to be a little cold.

Part of my "watching" today taught me that the National Weather Service must be hard up for a naming scheme for storms.  I thought Nemo was kinda silly but learned that Winter Storm Orko is in Utah right now.  Really? Orko?  Orko ranks among the top 3 most annoying cartoon characters of my childhood.  I had horrible taste in both television and cartoons, so Orko's making the top 3 should tell you something.

It's also funny listening to the TWC commentators say Orko over and over.

I spent a few minutes thinking up more ridiculous names for storms. Here they are:

  • Winter Storm Skeletor
  • Winter Storm Panthro
  • Winter Storm Ratchet
  • Winter Storm Scoobie Doo

and my personal favorite: Winter Storm Shaggy.  I'd better stock up on Scoobie Snacks.

Minor beer update: The tripel is very clear after a move to my 58F basement.  Can't wait to drink this one.