Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Tripel

This is another beer post.  After what has seemed like a long time, the Belgian Tripel IPA that I made over my holiday vacation is finally drinkable.  I decided to try one this evening.  I put one of the oddball bottles that I had in the fridge at around 6pm. It was moderately chilled by 8:15 or so.

I was rewarded with a healthy pop when I opend this one.  The last month sitting in my office did the trick.  Warming up the yeast and letting it eat the last bit of sugar in the beer and I now have a decently carbed Tripel.

I'm going to leave it in my office until 5/15 and will then transfer it downstairs.  This is not an every day beer. We'll see how it ages.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I was angry in 2001. I can only describe what I feel today as rage.  Rage that someone would do this to innocent people. Rage that the individuals responsible chose my new home.  Rage that the perpetrator thinks that it will somehow change us. I want to spit in the eye of anyone who thinks he can intimidate me into changing my lifestyle due to fear.  If I'm honest with myself, I really want to do much worse than spit in their eye.

My parental genes, at least on the DuVall side, are pushing in a direction that doesn't surprise me.  Rather than cower in my home, where I feel safe, I feel an overwhelming urge to continue to do what I have always done.  I want to go to work and enjoy the time I have here.  I want to continue to help those that I can and, hopefully, enrich my family and my life at the same.

Those feelings are at war with my intense desire to keep my family safe.

I resolved today, on my train ride home, to not cower in fear if I saw someone doing something wrong. I resolved to do something to stop it, if I could.  I resolved to be the person running toward the problem and helping rather than away.

I guess, in short, that I resolved to put my rage to good use.