Monday, December 24, 2012

Let it snow.

I'm still working on a long, somewhat racy post for me.  I hinted that I have a lot to say but I want to spend the right amount of time saying it.  As I articulate my thoughts, I find that I need to make several passes at the process in order to say what I mean.

On another note, it's almost Christmas and we're stay-cationing in Massachusetts.  All of the presents are bought. The wrapping will occur tomorrow.  I'm making smoked salmon lasagne for our meals and that's about it.  Should be very relaxing and a good way to spend a vacation.

I'll do a "year in review" later in the week.  It's been a busy and eventful one and I'm looking forward to 2013.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the reflection. You have inspired me yet again. Butter, Flour and Sugar is my new blog effective at Midnight on Christmas. Thank you Jeff.