Thursday, December 27, 2012

You have failed me.

I had a long post mostly written that tried to articulate my feelings on a few of the current events of this year and today.  I deleted it.  I can sum up my feelings in the title of this post.

My government, and I mean both sides aisle, have failed me in every way imaginable.  They are so wrapped up in their petty bickering over who's plan will win that they fail to realize that we, the American people who put them there, are going to pay the price.

I am not apathetic though. I am angry.  My anger will come out in my votes at the polls.  Any candidate, regardless of party, who did not vote with America's best interest at heart and instead voted with their party, will not get my vote. Period.

That said, the majority of my anger will be directed at the current Republican candidates.  They've lost their way and capitulated to extremists in their own ranks.

I leave you with the words and ideas of Warren Buffet. I would wholeheartedly endorse this plan.

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