Tuesday, January 01, 2013

So the Mayans were practical too?

Like the mainframe programmers in the '70's, the Mayans simply made a practical decision about when to end their calendar.  As I suspected, the end of a calendar isn't some dire prediction of doom. It's an opportunity to start with a clean slate and move toward something better without the shackles of time to drag you down.

The year 2012 was eventful even if the supposed apocalypse didn't occur. It did see quite a few significant events, at least for me and my family.  Here's a recap.


Where to start?  I suppose you could say that this was our year to try new things.  Everyone in the family did something that they haven't before.

In February, my son, daughter, and I started talking karate lessons in Grafton.  In particular, we are practicing Ed Parker's American Kenpo with a fantastic instructor.  My daughter and I are currently at orange belt and working toward purple.  It's been a great way to spend some quality time with my daughter while learning and exercising at the same time.  I've always wanted to try a martial art and this one seems to agree with me.

After a bit of a hiatus, the kids and I have started playing pen and paper role playing games again.  Our neighbor across the street has been interested in playing for a while and I offered to run a game for them.  With a few exceptions, we've played weekly since June or so.  It's been great fun and a good way to spend time with my son doing something he enjoys.  I expect that we'll be playing for the next several years.

Lastly, for me at least, I began a hobby that I've been interested in since I was in college.  I've had the equipment for several years but actually started brewing my own beer in August with the help of my neighbor.  In particular, this is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy.  The act of crafting, and drinking, the beer speaks to an inner need to create things that taste good.


Thanks to my wife, karate, and brewing, we have begun building a network of friends in Massachusetts.  This was something that took us quite a while when we moved to Puyallup in 2000.  Thankfully, we have a few neighbors that we get along with very well and enjoy doing things with.  We've also been spending time with a few of my new friends in karate.

I look forward to continuing the building of those friendships in 2013.


My job has been an interesting and enjoyable ride since our relocation to MA in 2010.  I've had a total of 3 different managers in that time, but those changes were primarily due to attrition. The first 2 managers have moved on to other positions outside the company.

The good news here is that I've been offered, and accepted, a promotion in 2012 and am working toward building programs and processes that improve our group and the IT department as a whole. It's interesting and exciting work. I look forward to 2013 and what my professional life hold in store.

Recently, I spoke at a user conference.  While I've spoken in front of groups before, I haven't done so in front of so many.  It was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.  I'm resolved to do more of this in the future.

I'm not the sort to make New Year's resolutions.  I find that I don't keep them anyway.  Instead, I choose to look at every year as an opportunity to learn and grow.  This year will be no exception.  My message to my friends and family is this:  Keep striving for what you want. Keep learning. Keep growing. Never give up.  Lean on those that you love.  Seize the opportunity in front of you.

Happy New Year!

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