Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bleary-eyed and Cranky

This is the 3rd day that I've had to work "the early shift" for Aaron, my SQL DBA and right hand man. When I say early, I mean early. The early shift starts at 5AM PST. Since Tuesday, I've been getting up at 3:30AM in order to get out of the house by 4AM. My average commute is about 50 minutes to work, which puts me at the office a little early and give enough leeway that I can be a little late and still get to work on time.

All of this is because I agreed to support a wider window working hours for the business. While I am more than willing to support the wider range of hours, this getting up at 3:30AM is for the birds. I figure that it takes me about a week to fully adjust to the new schedule. I'm almost there. I'll be adjusted just in time to go back to my regular schedule. Ah well.. the joys of managment, I guess. I get to cover when my employees go on vacation.

In a completey unrelated area, I ordered my new monitor for my home setup today. I can't wait for it to arrive! I think the image says it all, however.

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