Friday, December 16, 2005

The destroyer of worlds

I have intentionally left out the minutiae of my life on purpose. Yes, some of my posts include some petty little things that I thought others might enjoy. But, on the whole, I leave out the gory details of my personal life. I have a few reasons for doing this. The first is foremost reason is that my life, as a whole, is lacking in drama. I like it this way. But, if there were drama, I would only discuss my part of it and would still not be as forthcoming as other blogs that I read.

I like to look at other peoples blogs on occasion. I was looking at other peoples' profiles last night and came across one that struck me as decidedly strange. Not strange in a Marilyn Manson sort of way, but strange in that the blogger was baring her soul about an affair she wanted to have. This struck me just plain silly. This person live within a 15 miles radius of me. Scary. I'm not surprised really, though. My current residence is a little too "home town" for me. I'll get into that in another entry.

It could be that I'm more private than others, but baring your soul, with your real name and the fact that you were married and had children, about an affair is just plain stupid. What the hell? If I were in that position, I wouldn't chance that my spouse would stumble on my blog and find out. After reading some of the entries there, I can honestly see where the passive/aggressive part comes from.

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