Friday, December 30, 2005

Out with the old, in with the new

Today marks the end of my self-imposed hell that I call "the early shift." I've proven, to myself, that I really don't do well on 8 hours of sleep any more. I went to bed at 9:45PM last night, and feel better today than I have in the last 2 weeks. If I had to do this long term, I reasonably sure that I could safely hit the sack at 9PM and do pretty well on 6.5 hours sleep.

Today also marks the end of the work year for me. I won't be back in the office until 1/2/2006. With that starts a very busy 2 months of office remodeling, networking and phone switch installations, with a break in the middle to go to Mexico with my wife. We're celebrating my graduation from the University of Phoenix and a successful completion of the B.S in Information Technology program.

The contracting gig that I took up will also pick up, it seems. They are putting together a large list of items for me to do and putting completion dates on them. It looks like I might trade some of my newly found free time for some consulting work. The extra cash will be nice.

As for plans, tomorrow is the day that I've invited Aaron's and Jason's families over a somewhat quiet New Year's Eve get together. These are two of my closest friends, and it will be good to spend some time with them and their families.

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