Wednesday, December 07, 2005


That would be about me. Not one day after I say that I'm going to do at least 1 post a day, I skip one. I have to give myself a bit of a break though. I'm fighting off some sort of cold and have felt like shit for the last couple of days.

I can handle the sore throat. It's the dizziness and fatigue that are getting me. I left work early, ran the errands that I had and then went home. After dinner, I took a nap before my daughter's 2nd grade music program. It was adorable if you're interested.

I have a secret to share. I'm a web-comic and machinima junkie. I found a couple of things to make me laugh last night and this morning. The first is from Penny Arcade. It's a blog post about Tycho's new baby. I don't want to spoil it, but click here and scroll down to the Tanooki Suit entry. Funny stuff. I have a son and know what he's talking about. It looks like safety procedures where skipped while the urine cannon was loaded.

The second funny was at GU Comics. I have a penchant for low-brow humor. Go figure.

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